Safe start


Start safely with Cryptocurrencies.

To get started safely with cryptocurrencies it is vitally important that you first learn how to create a secure account to hold your funds, how to protect your privacy, how to get coins safely and how to protect your funds.

Start safely with Cryptocurrencies
Start safely with Cryptocurrencies

Create a secure account

The best way to have a secure account to store your funds is to create a cold account (usually called a cold wallet). A cold account or cold wallet is an account that is not connected to the Internet.

To create a cold wallet you need an app that works without an internet connection. One such app is MyCrypto (Desktop).

You can download it here: DOWNLOAD MYCRYPTO.

In the following video you can see how to create an account with MyCrypto:


Steps to creating a cold account

Follow the steps below to create a Cold Wallet:

1 Install an App that allows you to create offline accounts. The video above shows how to use MyCrypto. You can use any App you prefer.

2 Once the App is installed, disconnect your computer from the Internet.

3 Create the Offline Account.

4 Save your account information on a sheet of paper.

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