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The quickest way to get started with the world of cryptocurrencies is to create a practice account. You can create as many accounts as you want.

The first account you create, although valid and fully functional, should be for practice only. Later you will learn how to take steps to protect your funds and your privacy.

Quick start with cryptocurrencies
Quick start with cryptocurrencies


To create your first account you can use different tools. These tools are called Wallets and are computer codes that can interact with Blockchains.


One of the fastest ways to create an Ethereum account is to use Metamask. Metamask is an extension that is installed in your web browser that allows you to create accounts and at the same time interact with different blockcains.

In the following video you can see how to create an account:

Besides Metamask there are other wallets you can use. Metamask is excellent to start with because it is one of the best known, easy to use, secure, and open source, so anyone can audit its code.


Using your account

Log in with Metamask
Log in with Metamask

Accounts created have many uses. For example you can access this site using your account and Metamask. Try it: Click here and then select “Log in with Metamask”.



You can create as many accounts as you want.

You should never use the account in which you store your funds to access sites you don’t know as some may charge you or track your movements.

Use different accounts for different purposes.

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