How to protect your funds?

Tips to protect your funds

Your account should be protected just as you protect your cash. Always store your account access data as carefully as you store your physical counterparts.

How to protect your funds
How to protect your funds

To protect your funds follow these tips:

Create a cold account /wallet (which is not connected to the internet) to store most of your funds.

Back up your mnemonic on a sheet of paper.

Make sure you have access to your account before depositing funds into it. Log in to your account with your mnemonic phrase, private key or Json file to verify that you have full access to your account. If you lose access, you lose your funds.

Do not store access data to your accounts that have funds (hot or cold) on your computer or phone.

Create a hot account for everyday expenses.

Create one or more unfunded accounts to access sites such as social networks, blogs, etc.

Check the URL of the sites you visit.

When you want to send money, use a desktop wallet whenever possible. You can use MyCrypto.

When you want to verify transactions and account balances, use a service that does not require you to log in to your account. You can use: Etherscan, and Ethplorer among others.

If you use Metamask or any other online wallet just log in when you need it. If you don’t need to be logged in, log out.

Use strong passwords that include uppercase letters (A – Z), lowercase letters (a – z ), numbers (0 – 9) and special symbols (@, #, $, &, %, ( , ), % ).

Use different passwords for different accounts and sites.

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