Earn Blondcoin

Earn BLO

Earn BLO by writing professional articles about blockchain, cryptocurrencies in general and Ethereum and BLONDCOIN in particular.

How to earn BLO by writing articles?

To earn BLO writing articles you just have to:

1- Register on this site. By registering you will be able to write articles.

  1. After publishing articles you will receive the BLO earned for your content. You must include your Ethereum / Blondcoin account to receive your BLO.

Article requirements

The article you publish must meet certain requirements:

1- It must be original content, not published before. Tools will be used to check that it is an original article.

2- The article must have a minimum length of 500 words.

3- The article must include an image. The image must have 720 px on its horizontal side.

4- The article must contain two headings (h2 and h3).